Nancy Nystrom, following the loss of her son, Fred, in 1994 founded The Children's Foundation, a 501c3 corporation located in Colorado. In 1995 Nancy founded the Mexican Civil Association Casa Hogar Los Angelitos for the purpose of rescuing and changing the lives of children in extreme circumstances.

Today, Nancy continues as a child advocate in Mexico and the US as Founder of Casa Hogar Los Angelitos and The Children's Foundation. Nancy lives with her husband, Dave Nystrom in their homes in Loveland, Colorado and Manzanillo, Mexico. She is a mother of five and a grandmother.

“Freddy, because you shared your life with us, and because God heard a mother’s prayers HIS love will flow out to all of these children giving them FAITH, HOPE, and SECURITY. Thank you for letting us love you this way…and thank you, God, for loving us so much that you sacrificed your son for us.”
- Nancy Nystrom

If you want to learn more about Nancy Nystrom and her amazing story, please purchase her book “Each Day a Portion” by clicking the logo on the right. All the proceeds from the sales of “Each Day A Portion” help the efforts of TCF.

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