Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsor in MexicoWe are excited to offer the opportunity for you to sponsor an individual child at Casa Hogar Los Angelitos. We hope this helps make you feel a part of our entire project through the lens of one life. By sponsoring a child you are a part of changing many lives of children, not only at Casa Hogar Los Angelitos, but all around the Manzanillo area.  We strongly believe that everyday a child is with us is a day they are thriving and growing so whether the time is short or long, their lives are being positively impacted.

Sponsoring a child is one way to support the entire life changing work at Casa Hogar Los Angelitos and The Children’s Foundation International.

How do I become a sponsor?
#1 Decide if you want to sponsor a boy or girl and what age and put that in the notes when you click below.

#2 Click below to sign up with your information and credit card. If you would rather pay another way, please call our office at 970 402-2272, we would love to give you options. Child Sponsorship is $40 a month or $480 annually.

#3 The Children’s Foundation staff will contact you within two weeks with information about your child.

Child Sponsorship in MexicoYour tax-deductible donation for child Sponsorship gives you the chance to connect with a child by exchanging cards and letters and photos. Twice a year you will receive updated photos of your child.

 Frequently Asked Questions about Child Sponsorship (PDF Document)